Most likely your home is your biggest financial asset, and, understandably, you expect to get top price and terms and conditions of the sale which are best for you.

          In order to sell your house successfully it is crucial to know:

--How to prepare your house for the market;

--How to price it;

--How to use the most effective contemporary marketing to showcase your property to the highest number of potential buyers;
--How to deal with every step of the sale until the day of closing.

                   Here are some facts:

My listings sell fast, on average within 46 days.

Average time for the Ithaca market is 80 days.

They also sell better: on average for 96.5% of full asking price.

Average for the Ithaca market is 94%.

There are some general rules on how to prepare a house for a successful sale, but every house is unique. Using my knowledge as Certified Home Staging Advisor I can give you specific advice on how to prepare your house for the market and turn it into irresistible and highly marketable place.


                                  AND WE WILL GET STARTED!

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